Focus Home Inspection Services

Buyer Residential Inspection


We make sure you understand the major systems of the house you’re about to call a home. Our buyer’s home inspections are completely comprehensive. We will accompany you through a walkthrough and inspection of the home you’re interested in buying, and assess its condition using our multi-point home inspection checklist.

Pre-Listing Seller INspection


Many homeowners choose to get a pre-listing inspection because it will give them insight into their home so that they know what to expect & can make repairs before listing their home.

The majority of buyers choose to get a buyer’s inspection, so a pre-listing inspection is a good idea for homeowners, so that the buyer’s inspection doesn’t find any major defects that the owner didn’t know about.

One Year Warranty Inspectoin


Most builders offer a one-year warranty on new homes. We perform a full home inspection (usually 10 or 11 months after your purchase) before the builder’s warranty expires. Just because your home is new doesn’t necessarily mean it is defect free.

Radon Testing


Radon is colorless, odorless, and extremely carcinogenic (cancer-causing). It can affect homes anywhere in the US, and the only way to check for elevated levels of radon in your home is with testing. Home tests are available, but we recommend professional testing for peace of mind.